Stefanie Rittler & Sascha Henken - Waiting for Water

A humorous view on climate change: a residential object that drives on technical gadgets, in case the sea floods the country during the stay.

Waiting or changing?

The sea water level is constantly rising. Should we wait or change something?

Earlier work - Cumulus by iranzo, rittler, + kesting hovers an atmosphere of serenity

Stefanie Rittler & Sascha Henken

Stefanie Rittler is a Berlin based social designer and a lady carpenter who loves to work with her hands, preferably in uncomfortable spaces and social constellations. Sascha Henken is a designer of public spaces and sustainable products in his studio in Leipzig. With his designs, Henken creates physical solutions for social, economic and political issues. Both Rittler and Henken studied at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle and are used to comment to each others work. Waiting for Water is their first joint venture.

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