Boomhuttenfest - Tubalow

A luxury bungalow made of a sewer tube, with a pantry and sleeping area, ideal for those who want to try everything in life. Strange enough sanitary lacks, but is luckily close by ;)



Foto Jeroen Staats©


Boomhuttenfest is furniture designer Sander Borsje and graphic designer Tobias Krasenberg. One day the design duo started making tree houses out of residual materials and waste. Since then, they have thrown themselves in unexpected adventures like wild wildlife campers inventing solid solutions. For UrbanCampsite 2015 Borsje and Kranenberg created the Solid Family.

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Tubalow is a collaboration between Boomhuttenfest and Van Kaam, a family company in custom plastic pipeline technology. A never-retrieved sewage pipe sought a new application. It became the Tubalow, made of 100% recyclable polyethylene that lasts 120 years!

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Solid Family (UrbanCampsite 2015)