Robbert van der Horst - Univers 9

This 360 degree rotating research ship has a pleasant private space, plus a public hangout for meetings with the unknown.

Robbert van der Horst

Robbert van der Horst is a visual artist whose work always interacts with the landscape, either in a physical, historical or social way. Earthing, a period of uncertainty, is a central theme. What does it mean for newcomers to settle? Univers 9 is an improved version of Univers 7 in 2015. Again the object is a research engine, this time more smoothly and comfortable in the stay. Universe 11 is currently on theatre festival the Karavaan. It is Robbert's dream that one day all Universes will come together in one place in the universe.

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Universe 7 (2015 UrbanCampsite)

Point of View (2012 Lowlands)

Zenith (2015 Lowlands)