(S)low Tech - Refunc vision on slow camping

Today's electric cars seem to be a new phenomenon, but in fact they are not! The first manifactered cars were electric. The Spijkstaal, a Dutch brand, served as a driving post office in the 1970s. Refunc transformed this funky mobile into an electrifying 'Slow Camper'.

  • Sleeping object for 2 persons
  • 85 euro per night


The Refunc philosophy is that anything can become anything else. Shapes remain, functions change, hence the name Refunc. The RF-key words are: sustainability, circular economy, out of the box, ready made and local.

Denis Oudendijk is the founder of the Refunc. See www.refunc.nl for more.

Pixel Palace (2015)

Recropolis (2009)

Silo (2013)