Koele Kachels - Dakloos (homeless)

Wink to homelessness in a wheeled waste container. This one is cozy and equipped with a sliding roof, through which you can enjoy the stars from your bed.



Foto Jeroen Staats ©

Koele Kachels

Koele Kachels (cool stoves) is a company of Floris Moolenbeek. The city photographer and upcyclist has an intimate bond with fire. What started with small stoves has grown out to a large number of fire-bearing objects, such as pizza ovens and fire scales, mostly made of steel.   Before creating a sleeping accommodation with sliding roof, Floris used to make cool, wood-fired hot tubes out of waste containers.

Find out more about Koele Kachels here.

Foto Jeroen Staats ©

Hottube (2012)

Pizza Oven (2014)