Akko Goldenbeld & Miriam van Eck - TRU

No more code orange or red thanks to an ingenious natural ventilation system: spring temperature during the day, great coolness at night. A thermo chromic pigment layer makes the TRU extra vibrant.  

Foto Jeroen Staats ©

Akko Goldenbeld & Miriam van Eck

Akko Goldenbeld & Miriam van Eck graduated in 2016 at the Public Space department of the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL). Welding and lasering proved to be their mutual lust and life. For UrbanCampsite they wanted to create an object that responds to the environment. But to what exactly? Weather and wind passed by, but they eventually chose for temperature. And so it all came TRU: the Termo Reactive Unit.

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 Foto Jeroen Staats ©

Foto Jeroen Staats ©

Mountain Base - Miriam van Eck (2015)

Negev - Miriam van Eck (2015)

Bellamp - Akko Goldenbeld (2013)

Citymusic - Akko Goldenbeld (2011)