What is UrbanCampsite Amsterdam?

UrbanCampsite Amsterdam is a publicly accessible open-air exhibition of artworks in an unlikely place in Amsterdam. The exceptionality of these artworks is the fact that they can serve as accomodation, whereby the exhibition acts as a temporary campsite at the same time.The arrangement of the artworks in a special location of Amsterdam such as this underused area offers the visitors a different view of the city and the place itself. Where nothing has been before, art and life suddenly bloom. UrbanCampsiteAmsterdam shows that even the most remote place can receive an exciting dimension.

The same is true for the artworks: due to the fact that they also serve as accommodation the usual distance between viewer and artwork is eliminated, which paves the way for a new view of the works. Thus the use adds another layer of significance, both for those sleeping inside and those coming to look at the objects.

Besides from being an exhibition and temporary settlement UrbanCampsiteAmsterdam is also a gathering place for local residents, tourists, architects, artists and kids. With a lively framework programme the site is always lively and active. In various workshops visitors are encouraged to actively participate in the appropriation and transformation of this place. Different performances aim to continually attract new groups to grace UrbanCampsite with their visit.

UrbanCampsiteAmsterdam brings a broad public into contact with contemporary art and shows this art’s potency to transform a location. This transformations revolves both around the visitors’ experience and the physical location.

Who is behind the UrbanCampsiteAmsterdam Foundation?

Annette van Driel is an economist. She has worked in various management position in the financial sector for ten years until switched to public housing domain in 2009. There she witnessed the repercussions of the crisis in the form of fallow terrains and suspended projects. But she also saw the chances: maybe she could finally realize her long-cherished dream to make a unique exhibition take shape on in one of the underused areas of Amsterdam.

Francis Nijenhuis is a designer. She studied fashion design at the Amsterdam Art Academy (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten) and afterwards founded the Gallery GA in Amsterdam. Since 1999 she has been working as a freelance fashion designer, web designer, fine artist and illustrator. Francis has excellent knowledge of social media and bursts with ideas for the establishment, execution and promotion of UrbanCampsite.

In the beginning of 2013 Francis and Annette established the UrbanCampsite Foundation to fulfill their long-cherished dream. Francis and Annette play a crucial role in the initiation of UrbanCampsite. Not only are they the employers of its creators but also the hostesses of the visitors. Everyone is personally welcomed and shown around which creates a unique, open and approachable atmosphere on UrbanCampsite, a campsite atmosphere which easily achieves and furthers the contact between creators, visitors and participants of the framework programs.