Did you ever feel the urge to sleep in a piece of art? Well, then this is your chance! UrbanCampsite is the place where a camping and unique artistic objects meet. You can stay in beautiful, special, sometimes crazy works of art furnished as a hotel room. The UrbanCampsite offers its guests all the amenities of a normal campsite ... and quite a lot more than that!

Camp the night

We're a proud partner of the event Camp The Night Amsterdam. On the 12th of August you can book a night in one of our art objects, including dinner, live music and breakfast! For more information and bookings click here (website) / go to www.campthenight.com 




This year's exhibition theme is "The Art of Tech-Living", the art of future life and living. Science and art are closely related. Science tries to understand the world and develops technology to change it. Art shows a world that doesn't yet exist. Science needs imagination. Without Jules Verne there wouldn't have been an effort to fly to Mars and build an extraterrestrial camp site.


In its third edition UrbanCampsite has descended in the unknown but extraordinary Science Park, a new area in Amsterdam-East where science, science research, ICT and biology are housed, this summer enriched with an exhibition and a futuristic mini-society. 

Booking via Airbnb

Reservations are only possible through Airbnb. Use the link on the page of the object in which you want to stay. 


From June 1 till September 1 - 2017

Rustic residence in a beautiful monastery-calm, wind and waterproof house, with a young oak as inhabitant.

  • Sleeping object for 2 people.
  • 85 euros per night


A humorous view on climate change: a residential object that drives on technical gadgets, in case the sea floods the country during the stay.  

  • Sleeping object for 2 people.
  • 85 euros per night

 Living and sleeping in a big camera obscura, mysterious and sober in executed. Through a lens in a hole in the wall, the outside world appears upside down. 

  • Sleeping object for 2 people.
  • 85 euros per night

Electric cars are really of this age, but nothing new, the first cars were already electric. This type of electric car of the Dutch brand Spijkstaal served as a driving post office in the 1970s and has now been transformed into a 'Slow Camper'.

  • Sleepingobject for 2 people
  • 85 euro per night

In a capsule where previously young calves slept, special light and sound stimulation have a great effect on your brainwave. Wake up reborn. 

  • Sleeping object for 2 people.
  • 85 euros per night



This 360 degree rotating research ship has a pleasant private space, plus a public hangout for meetings with the unknown.

  • Sleeping object for 2 people.
  • 85 euros per night

Wink to homelessness in a wheeled waste container. This one is cozy and equipped with a sliding roof, through which you can enjoy the stars from your bed.

No more code orange or red thanks to an ingenious natural ventilation system: a spring temperature during the day, great coolness at night. A thermo chromic pigment layer makes the TRU extra vibrant.  

  • Sleeping object for 2 people.
  • 85 euros per night

Get rid of all the high tech and return to the simplicity of camp tech in this Leonardo da Vinci-inspired chestnut oak prehistoric tent. Also bookable for 4 people.

  • 2 adults and 2 children 100 euros per night
  • 4 adults 140 euros per night
  • Make a reservation

Star-loving research and sleeping lab in which you can observe and study everything and everyone. The sky, the passing trains, the neighbors, time.

  • Sleeping object for 2 people.
  • 85 euros per night

A luxury bungalow made of a sewer tube, with a pantry and sleeping area, ideal for those who want to try everything in life. Strange enough sanitary lacks, but is luckily close by ;) 



A moment of shelter from the digital demand in this pavilion between heaven and earth, being giga offline with pillow fighting, day-dreaming, good conversations and staring the stars. Bookable for 3 people.

Lightweight Bed and Breakfast made from self-developed biodegradable casting material. Sleep and wake up in your own comfy big bubble.

Funds and sponsors

AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst)
Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie
Gemeente Amsterdam Oost
BNG Cultuurfonds

Science Park